Making Major and Career Decisions

Successfully choosing a major and planning for a career is a process. Academic and Career Development is here to support you. We offer the encouragement and resources you need to create a plan that prepares you for academic and career success. Get started today!

As you work through the process of career exploration, your preferences will start to emerge. However, thinking through it isn't enough. You have to take action and create a plan.

There is a lot you can do beyond the degree. To be as competitive as possible, consider the skills and expertise valued by employers in your field. Maybe you could benefit from a minor in Spanish or a certificate in network security. Outside the classroom, set yourself apart by gaining experience. Your time at IUPUI can offer amazing opportunities—in our community or across the world. You just have to create your plan.

Where are you headed?

An arrow in a target.


Create a short list of majors and careers that match you.

A compass.


Narrow down options with written and online resources, real people, and real experience.

A check mark in a box.


Evaluate your findings, make a decision, and set goals.

A person carrying a briefcase.


Declare your major, plan and continue coursework, get experience, and develop job search tools.

A progress bar.


Evaluate your progress, identify barriers to success, and reassess your goals.