Academic Tools

An iconic image of a transcript search tool.

Find My Unofficial Transcript

Current enrolled students who want an unofficial copy of their transcript may obtain one without charge in the Student Center through One.IU.

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An iconic image of a degree map.

Find My Degree Map

The iGPS Degree Maps help you see a suggested path to completing your degree on time. Use this information when meeting with your advisor to help plan out your path.

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Customize My Degree Map

The Academic Planner allows you to customize your academic journey at IUPUI. Include your major courses, as well as any minor or certificate courses.

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Build My Schedule

The schedule builder can help you map out your semester by showing you class schedule options for the courses you are planning to register for.

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Register for Classes

Once you've built your schedule, you can save those courses in your Enrollment Shopping Cart. Come registration time, you can register from the shopping cart, saving time!

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An icon image of a progress bar with a check mark.

Check My Degree Progress

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) can show what classes you still need to graduate. If you are exploring majors, you can use the What-if AAR to see how your courses will fulfill requirements in a new major.

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Calculate My GPA

Knowing your current GPA as well as projecting your current semester GPA is important for academic success. To aid in that process, you can use the GPA calculator on the Office of the Registrar website.

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