Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

There are more than 20,000 undergraduate students at IUPUI, each with a unique background and experience. Hearing other students’ stories and their strategies for success can help in navigating and making the most of your college career. Highlighted below are a few of the many successful IUPUI students.

October 2019

In celebration of National Transfer Appreciation Week, October 21 - 25, we are celebrating transfer student, and former University Collge student, Chica Ketterman!

Chica Ketterman is a sophomore who transferred to IUPUI in 2018 from Los Angeles Valley College, which is located in San Fernando Valley, California. She also attended an art school in California before discovering her passion for science and engineering. Chica moved to Shelbyville, Indiana to work in the engineering field. Previously living in Indiana and having her mom living here helped make the transition less difficult. She came to IUPUI to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology so that she can continue her engineering career.

When Chica attended Los Angeles Valley College, she was majoring in Physics. However, after taking some courses and exploring career options, she felt that Physics was too broad of a major and couldn’t see herself finding a career that she would be passionate about. When she moved to Indiana, she starting working in the engineering field and was able to visualize herself continuing this career. She came to IUPUI wanting to graduate with a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree. Her long term goal is to get out of Indiana and work from home doing freelance engineering.


The biggest challenge Chica faced was working full time while taking classes full time. She admits that she is still working on her academic strategies but that prioritization has been the most helpful. Her University College academic advisor, Rachael Carmichael, helped her work on her prioritization and time management skills. She also believes that having a good support system, like her mom and friends, is very important.

A lot of the advice students hear is to get involved but this can very difficult for those who work full time. Chica’s advice for new IUPUI transfer students is “don’t be afraid to ask questions and network by making friends with motivated students and teachers.”