Career Presentations

Career Presentation Descriptions

Career Planning Basics

Many students come to IUPUI to prepare for a career, but have little or no plans. This interactive session demonstrates the importance of setting career goals NOW. Students will be able to identify personal traits to consider and will understand career exploration using information, people resources, and their own experiences. This presentation is ideal for introducing career planning to students. (25–30 minutes)

Using Traitify to Develop a Plan

Students appreciate the visual approach and simplicity of Traitify, a free online assessment tool. In just a few minutes, students will receive a summary of who they are related to in the world of work. A selection of suggested careers is provided as well. Visit the IUPUI Traitify page, and click on the video to offer students a quick introduction.

Students must complete Traitify from a smart phone or computer prior to the classroom presentation and bring the summary sheet to class. We will provide insight into students' results, answer questions, and show how Traitify can help with both career self-awareness and ongoing career research. (25–30 minutes or less)


Assessments like FOCUS, our free online assessment tool, can help students better articulate their values, interests, skills, and personality. In this 15-minute introduction, we discuss the purpose and benefits of assessments in career planning, demonstrate FOCUS, and distribute a sheet for students to complete and to discuss in a later class session. (15 minutes)

Focus Results

After completing the FOCUS assessment, students bring summary results and an assigned worksheet to class. We will provide insight into students' results, answer questions, and show how the instrument can be used as a resource for additional career exploration. (30–45 minutes or based on time available)

Networking and Informational Interview

Encourage students to get the inside scoop on careers by speaking to people in the field. People connections are a vital part of career exploration and planning. Students will learn how to make professional connections and will begin to develop a personal networking plan. Informational interviewing allows students to learn about occupations, positions, and organizations. We'll discuss how and where to find contacts, what to ask, and the importance of following up. (30–45 minutes)

Career Event Promotions

Students report they are most likely to attend events when encouraged by faculty. We would love to visit your class to promote Major-Career Information Day, Fall Career Week, and other special career events. Your students will thank you later! (10 minutes)