Major-Career Resource Guides (Tip Sheets)

  • TRAITIFY—Students can take a quick and visual online assessment to determine their personality blend and to consider possible majors and careers.
  • FOCUS—Students can take an online assessment of their values, interests, personality, and skills to provide insight into possible major and career matches.
  • MCC SHEETS—Students can see a snapshot of majors at IUPUI and compare them to their Holland Codes, as well as learn about where to get more information.
  • CANDID CAREER—Students can watch videos relating to their prospective fields and process whether or not the major or career being discussed would be a good fit for them.
  • O*NET—Students can research occupational information and compare knowledge, skills, abilities, and education required for different jobs.
  • INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING—Students are guided through the steps of interviewing professionals to gain information about their fields. 
  • PARALLEL PLANNING—Students use this guide to explore related majors and career paths alongside their current intended majors.
  • MAJOR AND CAREER EVENT REFLECTION—Students use this guide to reflect on a career development or major exploration event they attend.