Get Started at IUPUI

Welcome to IUPUI

Beginning a new experience can come with challenges, but we are here to help you make a smooth transition to IUPUI and to start your journey to graduation! You can read about the support our office can provide you while in University College. But, first, let’s start at the beginning.

All of the steps were outlined in your admission materials. Two important steps are:

  • Set up your university technology account. To create your permanent technology account, you will need to visit the IU Account Management website and select Create My First IU Computing Accounts. Follow the steps listed on the screen. Please note that if you created an IUPUI log in to track your admission status, you will need to select Manage My IU Computing Accounts. Follow the steps listed on the screen.
  • Reserve your spot for, and attend, orientation. Go to and click Make a Reservation. Follow the steps to complete the registration process. At orientation, you will meet with a student success advisor to review degree requirements, review any college credit you have already earned (if applicable), consider recommended courses for the upcoming term, and then register for classes.

Check out Preparing for Orientation to help in your transition to IUPUI!

After orientation, you are always welcome to meet with a member of your support team. We recommend seeing a student success advisor at least once each semester to make sure you are on track to graduation and to get any updates on degree requirements. You can also make an appointment online.