Purdue Pre-Agriculture Programs

Purdue College of Agriculture

Purdue University’s College of Agriculture is one of the world’s leading colleges of agricultural, food, life, and natural resource sciences. As a land-grant institution, we are committed to preparing our students to make a difference, wherever their careers take them, stretching the frontiers of science to find solutions to some of our most pressing global challenges and, through Purdue Extension and engagement programs, helping the people of Indiana, the nation, and the world improve their lives and livelihoods.​​​​​​ The Purdue agriculture program at IUPUI is a joint venture between the College of Agriculture at Purdue West Lafayette and IUPUI. IUPUI does not have an agriculture program; rather, IUPUI offers students the option to start their academic career at IUPUI and then transfer to Purdue in West Lafayette. Usually students work on general education courses, especially in science and math, during their time at IUPUI. Depending on the intended degree program, students will need to transfer to Purdue by their sophomore or junior year, meaning a student will spend one to two years at IUPUI and have anywhere between two to three years left at Purdue in the College of Agriculture.

Admission to Purdue in the College of Agriculture is not guaranteed. Students have to apply to Purdue by the stated deadlines. Students who are pre-agriculture can contact the College of Agriculture to receive a better understanding of degree programs and opportunities, as well as information about course transferability. We encourage students to contact an IUPUI University College Academic and Career Development academic advisor to discuss course selection and to create a plan for taking courses at IUPUI and then transferring to Purdue. We hope that this partnership will provide more central Indiana students the opportunity to pursue their dreams in agriculture.