Healthcare Engineering Technology Management

Healthcare Engineering Technology Management

School of Engineering and Technology

If you are interested in interacting with patients, staff, and technology in the medical field, consider the Healthcare Engineering Technology Management (HETM) program. In this career, your daily activities will be to manage and to support the manufacturing and the use of existing medical devices and technology in patient care. You may also work on the project management side, helping hospitals or facilities plan their technology needs and training practitioners. You will work in an area where putting your mind and hands to work will make a visible impact in the high-tech world of medicine. 

Students can complete the 67 credit associate degree first, get a job, and then continue pursuing the bachelor's degree while working. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 30% increase in job opportunities in HETM by 2022, and salaries are high, making this a great job for those who want to make a difference in health care.

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Admission Requirements

  • Have an IU GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Be ready to enter MATH 15300

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