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Academic and Career Development Videos

Get to Know Us

*Meet the ACD staff

This video allows your students to meet the student success advisors and career consultants in University College Academic and Career Development (ACD). The ACD team is here to serve students and to help them plan for success—both during college and after. Watch this video with your students to introduce them to the staff in the office.

Explore Your Options

*Never stop exploring 

College is the time for students to learn more about themselves, discover new interests, and take initiative of shaping their future. This video provides an overview of the possibilities and how ACD can assist students in the process of self-discovery. The intent of this video is to excite students about the career development process and the possibilities of experiential learning.

Student Exploration Stories

*Student interviews on major exploration

This video introduces IUPUI students who went through the process of exploring majors. Students will be able to learn about the stories and the advice their peers have to offer regarding career exploration. Through this video, the process of major exploration is normalized.