Religious Studies

About the Major

Religion deeply informs the human experience. People find identity and connection in practicing their religions. In this major, you will learn how religious communities shape moral norms, wage war, and make peace; influence what people eat, how they dress, how they live, and how they die. The field of religious studies provides you the critical tools to understand the “why” of these meanings and motivations. Religious studies offers you opportunities to explore the patterns and dimensions of the many different religious traditions of the world from the perspectives of the academic study of religion.

Skills and abilities the major develops include: problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and research (IU School of Liberal Arts, 2018).

Major Possibilities

Sample Coursework

  • Comparative religions
  • Christian religions
  • Women and religion
  • Religion and healing
  • Islam and modernity
  • Religion and culture
  • Yuppie yogis and global gurus

Possible Careers

  • Counselor*
  • Human resource generalist
  • Journalist
  • Ministry or missionary
  • Nonprofit management
  • Professor*

*These careers require further education or training.

Where could I work?

  • Business development
  • Community and social services
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Religious ministries
  • Social work
  • State of Indiana

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