About the Major

Philosophy is the study of the general understanding of the whole of reality. In this major, you will draw on the insights of the great historical philosophers, on what has been learned in all other major fields of study, and on the rich perspective embodied within our ordinary ways of thinking. You will address a diverse array of deep and profoundly important questions. Examples include the nature of the self and of personal identity; the existence or nonexistence of God; the nature of such phenomena as time, mind, and language; and the sources and limits of human knowledge.

Skills and abilities this major develops includes: critical thinking, communication, analytical thinking, and research (IU School of Liberal Arts, 2017).

Quick Facts

Sample Coursework

  • Introduction to philosophy
  • Logic
  • Ethical theory
  • Personal and social ethics
  • Philosophy of science
  • Medical ethics
  • Philosophy of film

Possible Careers

  • Attorney*
  • Editor
  • Event coordinator
  • Financial analyst
  • Journalist
  • Policy researcher
  • Political scientist*

*These careers require further education or training.

Where could I work?

  • Business development
  • Community and social services
  • Education
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • IU Health
  • Public relations

Arts, Humanities, and Human Services Cluster

This major is part of the Arts, Humanities, and Human Services (AHHS) cluster. The AHHS cluster is the academic home of University College students pursuing majors in art and design, education, general studies, journalism, liberal arts, and social work. The AHHS cluster partners with students on their academic advising and career plans to guide them into their degree-granting schools. 

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