Computer Science

About the Major

Computer and information science emphasizes a fundamental understanding of computing, information processing, and information communication. You will learn basic principles of computing and data processing, including the creation, representation, storage, transformation, and transmission of information. The major exposes you to language processing, end-use applications, principles of computer hardware and software components, databases, application testing, and more. Programming and math courses are essential to the Bachelor of Science degree. As the field of computing is constantly changing, career options will continue to emerge. Graduates work in roles such as programming, software development, database administration, research, systems analysis, management, and many others.

Skills and abilities this major develops include: analytical and problem solving, project management, attention to detail, and expertise in teamwork and communication.

Quick Facts

Sample Coursework

  • Discrete computational structures
  • Data structures
  • Computing I and II
  • Architecture of computers
  • Introduction to operating systems
  • Explorations in applied computing
  • Server side web development

Possible Careers

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Computer programmer
  • Full stack web developer
  • Network engineer
  • Operations/data systems analyst
  • Software engineer

Where could I work?

  • BlackInk IT
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • KPMG
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Mobi Wireless Management 
  • Navient

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