Major-Career Resource Guides

Career development is an important aspect of your experience at IUPUI. When you can articulate your values, interests, personality, and skills in a detailed way and relate those to the world of work, you become a more engaged and successful student. Academic and Career Development within University College helps guide you to your best-fit major and subsequent career path.

Nine major-career resource guides below help you process who you are, learn how to get pertinent experiences to confirm your major and career choices, and gain valuable experiences for marketability upon graduation.

  • #1 TRAITIFY—You can take a quick and visual online assessment to determine your personality blend and to consider possible majors and careers.
  • #2 FOCUS—You can take an online assessment of your values, interests, personality, and skills to provide insight into possible major and career matches.
  • #3 MAJOR-CAREER CONNECTION SHEETS—You can see a snapshot of majors at IUPUI and compare them to your Holland Code, as well as learn about where to get more information.
  • #4 CANDID CAREER—You can watch videos relating to your prospective fields and process whether or not the major or career being discussed would be a good fit for you.
  • #5 O*NET—You can research occupational information and compare knowledge, skills, abilities, and education required for different jobs.
  • #6 INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEWING—You are guided through the steps of interviewing professionals to gain information about your field. 
  • #7 PARALLEL PLANNING—You can use this guide to explore related majors and career paths alongside your current intended major.
  • #8 MAJOR AND CAREER EXPLORATION EVENT—You can use this guide to reflect on any career development related event you attend at IUPUI.
  • #9 DECISION-MAKING GUIDE—This guide will teach you the decision-making process and will help you learn more about your decision-making style.