Priority Registration

Preparing for Registration

Priority registration is a two-week window for current students to register for the upcoming semester. Each student is assigned a personal appointment date and time. You can register for classes any time after your appointment.

To view your registration appointment:

  1. Go to One.iu
  2. Search for 'Student Center'
  3. Click on the Student Center task
  4. Login with your Username and Passphrase
  5. On the right-hand side of the Student Center page under Enrollment Dates, you will see Enrollment Appointment date
  6. Click on 'details' to find the exact time you may begin registering

View available list of Course Offerings

Connect with Your Advisor

Remember that your registration appointment in One is not an appointment with an advisor. It’s the time when you may register for classes. Plan ahead and set up an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible. Priority registration is a busy time of year. Waiting until the last minute may delay when you can register for classes.You can make an appointment using our online reservation system below, or call (317) 274-4856.

Make an Appointment Online

Register for Classes

Once you've met with your advisor, you can register for your classes at If you need help, check out the IU registration guide provided by University Information Technology Services (UITS).

Registration Guide