Staff Stories

Fall Career Week 2019

Major and Career Exploration Experiences from ACD Staff

IUPUI celebrates Fall Career Week this year during September 23–27. Our ACD staff members have many different experiences with major and career exploration. Continue reading to learn a little more about them and their advice for Fall Career Week 2019!

IUPUI Fall Career Week is a career event for all students.

During your college career, what resources or experiences helped you confirm your major or explore other majors?

Megan Chaille

Student Success Advisor

I changed my major to psychology during my freshman year on a bit of a whim after ruling out a science-focused program. I liked the idea of learning about how people think and function and I knew I wanted a job that would involve helping people, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do career-wise. Getting hands-on experience through working and volunteering was a really helpful way to learn about career options and to confirm that my major was a good fit. My favorite job was working as a summer camp counselor; I learned SO much about myself and about working with other people during those summers.

Carly Traynor

Student Success Advisor

At first, I thought I wanted to major in marketing, but I didn't feel very excited about my classes. I realized that I began as a marketing major mainly because of the prestige associated with my university's business school and not because I actually wanted to work in marketing. One of my teammates was a professional writing major and when she told me about the classes she was taking, I remember thinking, "That's exactly what I want to do." I changed my major to professional writing during my sophomore year and loved it. My classes were interesting and enriching, and I felt at home among other liberal arts students. The fact that I enjoyed many of my classes and assignments—rather than dreading them—confirmed that I made the right choice in switching.

Describe a time in college where you explored careers or majors and how it was helpful.

Taiylor Fields

Student Success Advisor

I changed my major numerous times during my undergraduate career. With each major I changed to, I set up informational interviews with a professional in that field. I also tried to get some experience with job shadowing, part-time work, or student organizations in that field to get as exposed as possible to learn as much as I could about the field. The changes ultimately led me to finding a field I am passionate about working in!

Michelle Dankle

Student Success Advisor

I took a major/career exploration class (much like the UCOL-U 210 courses we have here) and that made me think about the majors and careers I didn't know about or ever considered before. It was a fun course because I knew all the other students were in the same situation as me.

What steps did you take when finding a job/career after graduating from college?

Karley Clayton.

Karley Clayton

Career Consultant

I applied to over 50 jobs! I think people are surprised with just how much networking and applying really goes into finding your first position. Find a team who supports you and stay positive.

Maureen Kinney.

Maureen Kinney

Executive Director

I didn't wait until I graduated to find a job! During my senior year, I had my resume critiqued by career professionals and went to a career fair in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, during spring break when all of my friends went to Florida. It paid off because I got a job in residence life at UIndy!